Teviston is an unincorporated community in Tulare County, California. Originally founded by J.C. Freeman and called ‘Freemanville’, it attracted African Americans during the Great Migration due to the low cost of land.  However, new residents soon realized that the land was alkaline and had little water, making it very difficult to produce crops.  There is a growing body of research on Teviston initiated by journalist Marx Arax with his grounding breaking series of reports (in the links section).  This qualitative study proposes to examines how community members and people associated with Teviston tell the story of the community.  It will specifically focus on how participants narrate turning points in the history of the community and factors that brought about conditions of rural poverty.  These narratives will be analyzed to understand how the neighborhood is storied and what these stories imply for future collaborative efforts to develop the community.

Kris Clarke, Ph.D

Academic and social commentator
Helsinki, Finland

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